DIY Raised Garden Bed

I built this raised bed for ZERO dollars. All of the wood was salvaged (the panels are cedar, mmmm!), and the only tools I used were nails, a hammer (both which were given to me), a handsaw (which was borrowed), and a shovel (that my boyfriend bought years ago) to make holes in the ground for the wooden stakes. The cardboard lining the bottom of the bed was leftover boxes from when we moved into our new house. I filled the bed using soiled straw from my rabbit’s cages (rabbit poop is an awesome natural fertilizer!), and fresh soil from the compost pile.

As the straw breaks down I’ll keep adding compost soil to the bed. I was considering building a cold frame for the raised bed, but I have too many other partly-completed projects to finish first! (I’m also working on a hugelkultur raised garden bed) So, any outdoor veggies will just have to wait until the spring!